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    Periods without Ovulation

    Ovulation & No Period – Can You Ovulate Without a Period?

    Most of the times Ovulation and periods come together in healthy women but in some cases where women have irregular periods she can still ovulate without having period on the due date she planned to have a period. Actually the time when you don’t bleed in your periods time frame is due to the anovulatory […]

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    Pregnancy Quotes

    25 Inspirational Pregnancy Quotes

    Pregnancy is a really blessing for moms to be. It brings in a new concept to the true beauty of the woman. Pregnancy period is a duration of immense pleasure and joy with excitement for your upcoming baby. The feeling of carrying your new born baby for long 9 months is indeed magnificent and amazing […]

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    Pregnancy Test Calculator

    Pregnancy Test Calcuator

    When should i test for my pregnancy? Having been trying to conceive for long? Is it getting difficult to wait for you till you miss your period? Feeling stressed to know if you got pregnant this time or not. But still want to avoid the disappointment of  a false negative pregnancy test. It might occur […]

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    Fetal Heartbeat

    When does a Baby Have a Heartbeat?

    A Normal Fetal Heartbeat of the unborn child is very important for a healthy pregnancy to occur. Depending on the time of pregnancy, the ultrasound technician or a specialist doctor can discover the heartbeat of the baby. It is very important for a mom to know each and every single aspect of her pregnancy and […]

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    Ovulation and Pregnancy Fertile Window

    Ovulation Calculator

    Fertility Ovulation Calculator If you are trying to conceive (TTC) then it is very important for both of you to work out and know when you are most fertile so that you can increase your chances of getting pregnant easily. To know when you are most fertile is when you ovulate, so we have brought […]

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    Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

    Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

    Pregnancy Due Date Calculator   Your browser does not support iframes. The due date calculator can be found here.    It is really important to know first how our Pregnancy Due Date Calculator works. But before we go in the detail, you must know that most pregnancies last around 38 to 40 weeks from conception. […]

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